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Fukuzumi - A Hotel Priding Itself on Our Cuisine A Kanayama hotel located a 7 minute walk from the JR Hida-Kanayama Station in Gifu


  • Wi-Fi Internet available in all rooms
    Wi-Fi Internet
    available in all rooms
  • 7minute walk from the Station
    7minute walk from
    the Station
  • Check-in 15:00-21:00
    15:00 - 21:00
  • Check-out 10:00
  • All Japanese-style rooms
    All Japanese-style
  • Credit cards accepted
    Credit cards accepted

Kanayamama-cho is located in Gifu Prefecture where Takayama and Gero also are and travelers can arrive from Nagoya on just one train.
Approximately 90% of the area is forest and we have some of the best rivers here including the Hidagawa and Mazegawa rivers.

Welcome to Hida-Kanayama

Welcome to Hida-Kanayama

Welcome to Hida-Kanayama

Nearby Attractions

The weather in Gifu Prefecture can vary greatly between the Hida and Mino regions. Kanayamama-cho is located in the Hida region and because of this,
the area has a large amount of snowfall during the winter months.
The weather can change abruptly throughout the day and visitors must keep a constant
eye on the weather during certain months because it can be warm in the morning and then suddenly turn to strong winds and snow.

Average annual temperatures in the Hida region
Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Average annual temperatures [℃] -1.4 -0.9 2.9 9.6 15.1 19.4 23.0 24.1 19.7 12.9 6.6 1.4

A code for unlocking the solar calendar,The Kanayama Megaliths

The Kanayama Megaliths are a group of large stones, some 10 meters high, in three consecutive locations.
The origin of these stones dates back to the Jomon Period. The site was investigated because it may have been an astrological ruins that was used to take measurements of the sun since ancient times as a calendar.
In recent years it has been popular as a site with mystical energy.

Exploring the wonderful backstreets,Touring the Kinkotsu footpath

The "Kinkotsu" footpath is the name denoted to a path through the backstreets of the Hida region. The winding path throughout Kanayama-juku of the Hida-kaido Road is a public road that can be travelled by anyone.
Enjoy the historic culture of the area and the people's lifestyle as they are unchanged since old times in this fascinating area.

A major scenic site in Kanayamama-cho,The four waterfalls of Yokoyakyo

Kanayamama-cho has four different waterfalls: Shirataki, Futamitaki, Momijidaki and Keimeidaki.
Yokoyakyo is a major scenic site in Kanayamama-cho and it is the perfect spot for hiking.
It is also well known as the habitat for the Japanese giant salamander, designated as a special natural treasure. We recommend visiting during the fall foliage or fresh greenery in the spring.

  • Shirataki


  • Futamitaki


  • Momijidaki


  • Keimeidaki


Other sightseeing destinations

Take one train to Gero or Takayama!


Our hotel is a seven- minute walk from JR Hida-Kanayama Station.
We are located in the city center so using the trains is easy.

Getting by train

Getting by train

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